MuDeen ReVolution Season VI Episode III

MuDeen Season VI Episode III

Basic info:
Experience: 100x
Drop Rate: 50%
Points per level: 5/6/7
Maximum stats: 65 000
Reset level: 400
Max reset: 150
Max level: 400
Reset cost: 1500000 Zen
Start up bonus points: 2000
Stats: Keep

Rates info:
Chaos machine rates:
+10 +11 +12 +13 +14 + 15 = 99 / 85 / 75 / 65 / 60 / 55 %
3 level wings combination: 50 %
2 level wings combination: 99 %

Jewel''s rates:
Soul Success Rate: 80 % ( + luck 100% )
Jewel of Harmony Success rate: 99 %
Jewel of Guardian + Jewel of Harmony rate = 99 % ( + luck 99 %)
Jewel of Life Success rate: 70 % ( + luck 99 %)

Mystical Event
Carnage Event
Golden Invasion
White Wizard Attack
Blood Castle -
Devil Square - On
Chaos Castle - On
Illusion Temple - On
Kantru event - On
Crywolf event - On
Castle Siege event - On
+ All Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square tickets in Lorencia Bar +

Good support by our administrator team
-Hide & Seek
-Dinorant Race
-Drop Event
-and many more !

Why us?
1) We belive in the ”Old Fashioned MU”, that all loved and played, and I can speak in the name of all 25+ years old players that Mu Season 6 ep. 3 was the peak of the game, no pentagrams, no Ruud Items to upgrade or hunt Sheep/ Rosters, no Muun Pets, no Pokemons :)).

2) Our server has a fresh database and we plan on keeping the server for a long time, we already payed 1 year in advance for the Host and Website Domain.

3) We belive in a Play to Win Concept, all items that you can buy whit donation are the same you can obtain in game or in specific Long Term Unique Events, no OP items for donation or special privileges or so on.

4) Active on forum, while you level your Hero, our forum can be used for sell/buy, specific section for guilds, events, and much more.

5) No O.P. Donation. We have all the money to support ourselves so we don’t rely on donation, but it is a helping hand and will be rewarded whit items that can be obtained playing the game.

6) A progressive server. At the moment most of our events and even the donation system is suspended, that’s because we have a fresh Data Base starting 04.02.2020 and we want to give all players a chance to be at a certain degree of equality.

7) Unique Long Term Server/Forum Events. Yes, you read it, unique events on server, like PvP, trade stats points or specific items for other items whit 2 excellent option, that will appear on server and on forum as the server progresses to a different stage, and the progress is depending on players and in game trade value.

We leave the rest to you to decide, our action will speak louder then our words.


And Vote for Mu Deen.

Posted on 12 / 02 / 2020 By mudeen

Currently this is only one server.